Monday, June 15, 2015

SnarkByte Episode 3: Marilyn Manson as Sober Coach

Hello All,

Hold on to your eyeliner! This week we explore Shock Rock as a bunch of old goth-rockers receive awards from KERRANG! Magazine in the UK. Remember a YouTube animated version will follow later this week.  

Also, Celebrate SnarkWeek with us the week of July 5th. We will be presenting a short clip each weekday. So keep your eyes peeled and your chum close.


Love and Happiness,
The Davis Sisters
Victoria & Rosalind


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  1. Alice Cooper is a fantastic golfer. The following is from Wikipedia:
    Cooper has on several occasions credited golf as having played a major role in helping him to overcome his addiction to alcohol,and has even gone as far to say that when he took up golf, it was a case of replacing one addiction with another.The importance that the game has had in his life is also reflected in the title to his 2007 autobiography, Alice Cooper, Golf Monster.[138] Cooper, who has participated in a number of Pro-Am competitions, plays the game six days a week, off a handicap of two.[106] Since 1997 he has hosted an annual golf competition, the Alice Cooper Celebrity AM Golf Tournament, all proceeds from which go to his charity, the Solid Rock Foundation. In 2005 while playing with manager Shep Gordon on The Champion Course in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida, Cooper recorded an impressive round of two-over par 74 on the world-class course. Cooper has also appeared in commercials for Callaway Golf equipment, was a guest of veteran British player and broadcaster Peter Alliss on A Golfer's Travels.He wrote the foreword to the Gary McCord book "Ryder Cup" and participated in the second All*Star Cup in Newport, South Wales.[141] In an interview with VH1, friend and fellow golfer Pat Boone said that Cooper was "'this close' to being a pro"

    Self Actualization comes in many flavors - my comment - E.P.